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Whirl of Wings
Wispering Dervish
Ascending Flourish
Whisking Dream

Whir of Wings collection started like most of my work- by finding intriguing and beautiful objects in nature. I have had a life-long passion and obsession for collecting bones, shells, feathers and other natural objects.

These wooden shapes are reminiscent of the movement that Sufi Whirling Dervishes make in their highly stylized whirling dance and are inspired by their active meditation. My desire was to create action and lightness through the combination of the swirling wood and feathers.

Each sculptural piece in this series is unique and is adorned with owl, hawk or sea bird feathers. The white oak or mountain laurel is dried, carved and oiled to bring out the wood’s natural rich colors. I torch the hemlock base and build up layers of buffed wax to bring out the deep grey tones which ground each whirling object.

All pieces have protective felt pads and a signed copper plate.

To purchase, please visit 1st Dibs in association with Fountain Street

Swishing Larkspur
Twisting Reverie
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